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Celebrating Stacey Brutger's new release, Coveted (+Giveaway)

Blurb: Pack alpha Aiden vows to do whatever necessary to protect his people. When he discovers a plot to harvest blood from his wolves to create the ultimate drug, he’s determined to stop them at any cost. And quickly finds himself taken captive. After months in prison, Aiden barely manages to hang onto his sanity. The last thing he expects is a shapely little human to come to his rescue and bring out all his protective instincts.

Shayla is being stalked because of her abilities as a seeker. When offered a job in Scotland, she leaps at the chance to escape. With danger pursuing her at every turn, she must decide if she could give up her magic in order to live a safe, ordinary life. Never in her wildest fantasies did she expect to find a feral-looking man imprisoned in a thousand-year-old dungeon…or be so wildly attracted to him. She didn’t need more trouble, but when fate presents the means to help him escape, she doesn’t hesitate.

Now they are both being hunted, and Aiden is determined to do everything in his power to protect Shayla…and seduce her into becoming his mate. As the danger intensifies, Aiden begins to suspect that Shayla might be the key to saving not only his people but also the future of his race…if he could keep her alive long enough.

Excerpt: Aiden had never intended to release her.

Betrayal lurched in Shayla’s stomach as she stirred the embers of the fire she’d built. The bed tempted her to sleep, but she was too paranoid to rest. She needed to remain alert and ready to move. Old castles were known for their passageways. She was in the main suite connected to Aiden’s room. All she had to do was wait for him to fall asleep.

Then she could escape.

She trembled at the thought of sneaking out and leaving the castle. Aiden obviously believed she was in danger. After nearly dying more than once in the last few hours, she couldn’t deny it. Maybe she could trust Aiden, but she had no intention of sticking around to find out.

Like a noose, she could feel the danger closing in on her from all sides. If she could just make it to town, she could haul ass home.

The neighboring room had fallen silent more than an hour ago. If she wanted to leave, it had to be now, before the sun set. If she saw Aiden again, she feared she wouldn’t be able to remain strong and unaffected.

She tiptoed to the wall, growing more resolute with every step. She opened the passageway between the rooms, but Aiden’s side was a bit trickier. It took her precious minutes to locate the triggers to open the panel in his closet.

His room was dark. The dying fire was huddled across the room, its light barely penetrating the shadows, as if afraid to venture further.

With a deep breath, Shayla stepped through the connecting door. The tangle of Aiden’s clothes felt alive, as if trying to convince her to stay, and she nearly tripped on her face as she struggled to free herself from the closet.

She was panting by the time she fought her way free. A sound rose from the bed. A slight shifting of the sheets. Shayla froze, one foot on the ground. She held her breath and squinted at the bed, eyes straining to see if she was about to be discovered.

When no further sounds emerged, she slowly exhaled. As crazy as it sounded, part of her almost wanted to be caught. She turned toward the door and ran smack into a very large, very warm body. A strangled scream escaped as she bounced off the hard chest. She nearly went sprawling across the floor until someone hauled her up close.

“Aiden.” She’d recognize his touch anywhere, the way her body came alive. 


The noise she heard had been him leaving bed. Shayla squinted up at her captor, her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, hating the way her betraying heart pounded in excitement and not fear like it should. 

“Were you expecting someone else?”

She swallowed hard at the ominous question. “No, of course not.”

She was lowered toward the floor and released. As perverse as it was, she missed his warmth.

“Going somewhere?”

Shayla shook her head, avoiding his gaze, carefully backing away. Act casual. “Oh, you know, just out for a stroll.” 

Aiden stalked after her on light feet.

Countered her every move.

She didn’t feel threatened, exactly, but his nearness did disturbing things to her body. “What are you doing?”

Aiden pulled up short. “What do you mean?”

“You’re following me.” Shayla straightened, refused to retreat.


She blinked, not expecting him to admit it. Shayla stepped back, putting more distance between them as she scrambled to think up a convincing lie. The back of her thighs smacked against something solid. She glanced back, then shot forward like her ass was on fire when she realized she was caged between the devil and…his bed. 


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