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Liza O'Connor's Climbing out of Hell's Blog Tour

Here's a missing scene from Climbing Out of Hell, Book 4 of A Long Road to Love.
Since this story is about Trent and his climb out of hell, Liza doesn't have a scene about Coco’s reaction when they discover Trent died before she and her father could torture and kill him.

Here is how Liza pictures that upsetting day in the DeCannon family going:

Coco drank her wine, and stared at the TV, furious her father refused to abduct and torture Trent’s butler. Instead of hauling the man in, her father chided her.

“I am not risking a fortune just because a servant of Trent’s didn’t jump at your command. And that you should even ask me to bring him in, shows me you’ve a great deal to learn.”

“But he blatantly refused my order.”

“He doesn’t work for you! I’d be suspicious if he did obey you. You need to focus on the big picture. Which do you want? $42 billion and revenge on Trent for the way he’s embarrassed and disrespected you, or the high probability of going to jail for killing a butler who had no reason to obey your orders?”

“Why would I go to jail?”

“Because he is friends with a high ranking detective on the police force. A detective who has a remarkable close rate on his cases. If he starts sniffing around, he could unravel all our work.”

“Fine, May I kill him after I inherit Trent’s property?”

“No! I don’t want a smart detective snooping around my doings. Focus your anger where it should belong. Trust me, before Trent dies, you may strip the flesh off him if you wish.”

“And when will that be?” she asked and crossed her arms.

“Just as soon as the Trent’s Last Will and Testament is ready. Forging signatures is more complicated today because I assure you, the document will be challenged by whomever he has actually left his property to.”

“Probably that little midget, Carrie. Can I at least kill her?”

“No. She’s friends with Mars and the driver, both of whom are friends with that detective and she also has a connection with the FBI. Besides, she’s out of the picture. Trent lost interest in her months ago.”

“Then why did he keep her as his EA until you made him fire her?”
“Because she ran the damn place!” he bellowed. “And she’s still running it. The guy who bought the company hired her as Division President.”

“No!” Coco threw her empty wine glass at the giant TV screen, only she lacked sufficient strength to hit its mark. Instead, it shattered on the floor three feet before the TV. “Make her quit.”

“I am not risking $42 billion because you don’t like one of Trent’s former toys.”

“Quiet!” she demanded and pointed to the TV as she turned up the sound to hear the newscaster.

“The latest George Washington Bridge jumper has been identified as billionaire Trent Lancaster, the last of a once proud family dynasty with a net value of nearly $50 billion dollars.”

“Damn it!” Coco’s father cursed and activated his phone. “I want the will filed within the hour.”

Coco stared at her father, anguish marring her pretty face.

Her father pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry you won’t be able to torture him, but we will have $42billion as the consolation prize.”

“The TV said he had $50 billion!”

“It’s Fox News! When have they ever gotten anything right?”

“This is so unfair!”

He stepped back and glared at her. “Are you crying over money that never existed?”

“No, I’m upset that I won’t get to strip his skin after all he put me through.”

Coco’s father sighed. “I’m angry about that as well.”

“Given this loss, I should at least get to torture Carrie to death.”

“I’m sorry pumpkin. You need to forget about Hansen. She’s not worth the risk.”

“Please,” she whimpered and pressed against his chest. “I really hate her.”

He kissed the top of her blonde head. “Let me think about it.”

Well, now I see why Sam agreed to return to NYC and drive Miss Carrie. Sounds like she needs the protection, but that’s book five… if my readers want a book five. (Leave me a comment if you want a book 5)

 Climbing Out of Hell 
 Book 4 of the series
A Long Road to Love
Romantic Comedy
Billionaire Trent Lancaster has destroyed his relationship with the only woman who ever loved him. Now we discover the full truth of what happened. 
He actually had reasons for his behaviors.
Still, there is no going back. Trent has lost Carrie forever, but he would rather die than marry Coco, so he does just that. Trent gives away most of his possessions, fakes his death, and starts over with a new face and a better attitude in a small town in Iowa where his half-brother Sam is sheriff.
Losing his true love has fundamentally broken Trent to his core. His only chance for happiness is to become the better man Carrie had always seen inside him.
True change is not easy. Can Trent grow up and become a man we can love?
Trent woke in a claustrophobic, sterile white cube and panic set in. Where the hell was he? As the events of the previous night returned, he relaxed. I’m here for plastic surgery, so I don’t have to live in fear of Coco and her father mucking up my new life.

He relaxed and intended to sleep more, until someone turned on the light. “Good, you’re awake,” a female with a heavy twang said.

Opening his eyes, he focused on the young woman who was to prep him. “Tell the doctor I’ve decided on face number two.”

She snorted and shook her head. “That ship’s done sailed.” She helped him sit up. “But the good news is, you got the one you wanted.”

“The surgery is over?” he asked in surprise and touched his cheek. “Ouch!”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t go poking around yet.”

“Can I have a mirror?” Fear settled in.

What if I hate my choice? What if the doctor decided to give me a harelip?

“You’re still swollen, so this isn’t the final product.” She gave him a small mirror as she ran through a long list of dos and don’ts that never made it through his exploding panic.

She tried to hand him a sheet of paper, but he couldn’t get beyond the hideous, lumpy, stitched ghoul staring back at him. He was a mix between Rocky after a losing battle and Frankenstein’s creature freshly stitched together.

How will I start over looking like Frankenboxer?

She placed the paper in his lap. “Your ride is waiting for you. Get dressed and someone will take you to the car.

He stared at her in confusion. Who would be waiting for him?

She rolled her eyes and huffed. “We don’t have all day. Now get dressed.”

When he still didn’t move, she grabbed his pants and pulled them over his feet dangling from the bed.

“I’ve got it,” he said.

“Good, then get moving. It’s almost daylight.”

A large black guy helped him into a wheelchair and rolled him out to a waiting limo. 
The moment he climbed into the pitch-black passenger section, the limo took off.

He wanted to ask the driver if he worked for the spa Trent had booked for his healing, but the dark security panel remained up and he couldn’t see any control to lower it, but then he couldn’t see much of anything. The windows were heavily tinted, which left him feeling as if he rode in a hearse. Upon consideration, he decided it a fitting form of transportation, since the authorities were probably declaring him dead about now.
Just Released May 1, 2014
Book Four of the series:
A Long Road to Love
Climbing out of Hell

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Liza O’Connor
Author Bio:
Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens.
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