Monday, September 23, 2013

Review of Lovers Unmasked Anthology

Title: Lovers Unmasked (anthology)
Author: Katee Robert, Cari Quinn, Tessa Bailey, Samanthe Beck
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 350 pages
Release Date: September 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-271-5
Imprint: Brazen

Blurb: Mystery and intrigue surround Halloween night as friends surrender to long-hidden desires, lovers relinquish control, and the heat of passion threatens to consume them all...

Seducing Mr. Right by Katee Robert
Danielle has a plan—use the company Halloween party to seduce the sexy mail guy who works a few floors up who she’s been meeting for coffee for the past few months. The only problem? He’s not who she thinks he is, and he has seduction plans of his own.

Tempted by His Best Friend by Cari Quinn
Kindergarten teachers aren’t known for breaking the rules, but Steph is ready to go undercover—and get under the covers—to work her magic on her best friend, Landon. Sexy costume necessary, multiple orgasms crucial, real identity optional.

Wicked Games by Samanthe Beck
When Stacy discovers her sex-on-a-stick ex at her Hollywood Halloween blow-out, she decides to show the cocky homicide detective exactly what he’s been missing. But she’s not the only one plotting revenge, and Ian’s the only one who can save her.

Protecting What’s Theirs by Tessa Bailey
Lieutenant Derek Tyler and Ginger Peet have overcome every seemingly impossible hurdle on the path to happiness, but when they each receive life-changing news on the same day, will their hard-won trust stand up to the test? Or will their attempts to shield one another drive them apart?

Review: You know, I have to say I'm really loving anthologies after reading this. It was a great way to try out a few authors I haven't had a chance to read yet. And, well, I'm sold. Just saying.

I can't really divulge more than what the blurbs already state for the short stories without giving away too much. Overall, each one of them was well written with developed, likeable characters. Each author created a hell of a lot of sexual tension in their stories and delivered some spicy "intimate" scenes. Of course, I loved it. :)

I really enjoyed all four of the stories, but I think Wicked Games and Protecting What's Theirs (Derek's my fictional boyfriend. Just so you know.) were my two favorites out of all of them. I'll definitely be bumping up the stories I've already picked up from these authors on my kindle.

If you're looking for a sexy Halloween read that will give you a great feel for each author's writing style, grab a copy. I really don't think you'll be disappointed with it. 

Available for purchase: Amazon

*Received as an ARC from the publisher.*

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  1. I've been eyeing this one. Anthologies can be so hit or miss. Really glad to hear that this one was awesome! I love Tessa's books and just tried my first by Cari this weekend and it was pretty good too.