Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guest post with Caridad Pineiro

Today I'm happy to welcome back Caridad Pineiro to the blog. She is here to share a bit of insight about her heroine from her new release, For Love or Vengeance.

I Was a Runaway Goddess...

Although I didn't really run away. I kind of made a pact with my father, Zeus, so I could get away from him. You see, Zeus isn't really a very nice guy. In fact, you might say he's abusive and that kind of has me gun shy about men in general.

Especially a guy like my new FBI partner, Miguel Sanchez. It's not just that he's hot because I've had my share of hot men in my very long life. It's more than he's honorable and respectful and smart and brave and...

Big sigh. Okay, he's just too good to be true and I've likewise seen that men like that are either not real or don't last very long in this big bad world. 

You might say I'm jaded since I'm Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance. In the many millenia that I've been working this gig, I've seen too much of the bad side of people. 

But Miguel...Yeah, another big sigh. Miguel tempts me with all his goodness and all his sexiness. 

It's a dangerous thing, that temptation. You see, I made a deal to get away from not-so-nice dad and if I fail at that deal - to mete out justice - I lose my powers and I don't think I could live like that. Like a mortal with all the faults and risks inherent to being human. I've seen too many times where that leads. Usually to deadness, either emotional or physical. 

So my goal on this assignment - my only goal - is to find and stop the crazy ass serial killer that the press is calling the Broadway Butcher. He's been busy kidnapping, torturing and killing young actors and justice demands that he be stopped and punished for his actions. 

I demand it and I can't let anyone get in the way. Especially my partner Miguel who just can't understand why I'd do anything - and I mean anything - to get that psycho off the streets. 

I know you understand, right? I mean wouldn't you do anything to keep the people you love safe?

There's just one problem. I think I'm in love with him. With Miguel and I've never been in love before, so it's kind of a scary thing. Even for a goddess. 

So what would you do? Catch the killer or save your partner? Even a goddess needs help sometimes.

Blurb: FBI Special Agent Helene Alexander is a goddess.  An actual frickin’ goddess. And her mission is clear, see that justice is served at all times or her days as a goddess are numbered.

Helene’s new FBI partner defines good-looking, but Miguel Sanchez, wants nothing to do with her ends-justify-the-means attitude. He knows through experience the type of guilt her actions can bring and Miguel wants nothing to do with Helene’s careless ways. Even if she’s so damned hot she makes him burn with the need.

When the serial killer they’re tracking strikes again, Helene and Miguel are drawn into a case that will challenge their most fundamental beliefs about justice and vengeance. But it’s the passion between them that forces a goddess to choose: eternal life with all her powers…or death—to save the man she loves.

Excerpt: “My job was to protect her,” he finally said through a tightness in his chest that threatened to strangle him.

To his shock, she reached up and cradled the side of his face. Her palm was smooth. So smooth. So warm and…comforting. He had never expected that a woman as hard as Helene could offer comfort, but there it was, adding yet another intriguing layer to his partner. That sensation coursed through him, freeing up the tension in his chest so he could breathe again.

“It was her time. Nothing you did could have changed that,” she said with absolute certainty.

Her words resonated within him, bringing unexpected peace as if she were a priest who had just granted him absolution.

He brushed his hand against the thick waves of her hair and urged them away from her cheek. Then he dug his fingers into their softness, cupped her jaw, and tracked his thumb along the edge of her mouth.

“Thank you,” he said, at a loss to find any other words to express what he was feeling. Knowing in his gut that there was only one thing that might.

He leaned forward until her warm breath spilled against his lips. Her gaze filled with part surprise and part anticipation. A heartbeat later, he allowed insanity to take over.

* * * *

Helene’s breath became trapped in her chest as Miguel closed the distance between them and covered her mouth with his.

Craziness, she thought for a millisecond before all that he was—all that goodness and honor and sexiness—made her lose her head. Her supposedly more powerful refined goddess senses didn’t stand a chance against the wonder of his kiss.

He moved lightly against her mouth, an invitation rather than a command, as if knowing the latter would have been refused. Tentatively she accepted, meeting the sweep of his lips and deepening the contact. She opened her mouth to taste him and permit his exploration as he eased the tip of his tongue in to graze hers.

She moaned with need and the unexpected desire he aroused. The sound was loud in the quiet of the room. So loud it awakened them from whatever insanity had possessed them, breaking them apart.

They were both breathing heavily as she stood there, her fists clenched against the desire to reach for him again.

Someone walking in might have assumed they were fighting. And maybe they were. She was definitely fighting—for control.

He spoke first. “I’m sorry, Helene. That was out of line.”

“No need to apologize. We’re both adults and desire is a natural thing,” she said, attempting to downplay her fear that it had been much more than passion that had brought them together.

It worked. Miguel wasn’t the kind of man who indulged in desire just for desire’s sake. That would be too shallow. His lips—those mobile, engaging lips that had only seconds before brought her such pleasure—became a pencil-thin line.

“It won’t happen again,” he said, and before she could utter another word, he stalked from the room.

Available for purchase atEntangled Publishing 

Author Bio: New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author Caridad Pineiro wrote her first novel in the fifth grade when her teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. Bitten by the writing bug, Caridad continued with her passion for the written word and in 1999, Caridad’s first novel was released. Over a decade later, Caridad is the author of more than thirty published novels and novellas. When not writing, Caridad is an attorney, wife and mother to an aspiring writer and fashionista.

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  1. Nice excerpt and interesting concept!! Has me wanting more. Best wishes on your release and book tour, Caridad.

  2. Thank you, Sheri! And thank you Melissa for sharing my post and letting me visit with you!

    1. So very glad to have you today, Caridad! Can't wait to read this one. :)

  3. oh he sounds like a very, very nice hero. What an interesting combo too!

  4. Thank you so much! I had a fun time writing this book and having a real change of pace in the story line! I hope you'll like the books that follow!

  5. Great excerpt; looks like a great story!
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