Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interview with author Karolyn James

Today I'm happy to have Karolyn James here to talk a bit about her new series, Brothers of Rock.

Melissa: Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself, Karolyn?

Karolyn: Well, I’m a writer… obviously. :)

I’m seriously a very boring person, at least in my eyes.  I enjoy my excitement through both writing and reading.  I like to play around in my garden – which I hope to do soon if spring would actually come and stay this year!  As far as reading goes, I can’t pass up any and all romance.  On my bookshelf right now (I’m looking as I type), I see inspirational romance, Christian romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance (sexy wolves! Hehe), and just normal romance.  I love it all… which makes sense why I write so much romance.  (I also keep the spicier stuff just for my Kindle)

Melissa: Ha, I can't resist sexy wolf shifters either. Now, you also write under K. James, right? Can you tell us more about that?

Karolyn: I write both romance and erotic romance.  There is a difference between the two and I want to make sure readers know exactly what they’re purchasing.  I’d hate for someone to accidentally purchase a book with too much heat in it and have them feel pushed away.  Anything I write under the Karolyn James name includes romance and erotic romance.  Under the K. James name, it’s just romance!  That way if a reader wants just romance, they know to click on the K. James name. :)

Melissa: So tell us a bit about The Brothers of Rock series? What’s the series about? How many books do you have planned?

Karolyn: Brothers of Rock follows rock band, Chasing Cross.  I tease everyone and tell them it’s a cross between a Bella Andre book and the TV show Nashville.  In all honesty though, what I wanted to do was take a group of men and show their lives off stage.  On stage, they’re ‘brothers’ in the sense of music.  Off stage, they are five different men with different dreams, hope, pain, and attitudes.  The series is slated for 5 books right now – each book follows a different band member.  So far the response has been so amazing, we’re in talks to expand the series!

Melissa: That's wonderful news! So how did you come up with your ideas for the Brothers of Rock series? Did you wake up one morning with the idea in your head?

Karolyn: I came up with one day while cooking dinner.  I started thinking about music and life and romance.  I always listen to music while I write and it made me think of concerts… I always wondered how it all happened.  How the stages were setup.  Taken down.  Moved.  I wondered how the men and women of my favorite bands traveled, lived, fell in love.  Slowly, I started building a band.  I started with lead singer, Johnnie, and went from there… it just started to grow and before I knew it dinner was burning and I was typing notes!

Melissa: Ha, I'm sure it was worth dinner burning. :) Can you share one of your favorite excerpts from All Access with us? And why is it your favorite?

Karolyn: In All Access, right when Johnnie and Jess meet, there’s a scene where Jess has no idea who Johnnie is.  Johnnie is floored because he’s not used to meeting someone without them knowing him, asking for a picture or autograph, or treating him differently.  But Jess has no clue Johnnie is the lead singer of Chasing Cross.  She thinks she’s just talking to some flirty man and Johnnie is amazed by it… it’s actually what leads them into talking and, well, much more! :)

Melissa: Sounds like a good start to a relationship to me. :) What are you working on presently, Karolyn? What the writing future hold for you?

Karolyn: I’m hard at work on the Brothers of Rock series!  Like I said, it’s definitely going to be 5 books to start.  In between that, I’m working on an erotic romance series titled, Rock Her Curves.  But more on track for romance, I have another series planned that I hope will see publication before the end of 2013… it’s a series about second chances in love.  I actually have two books already written. 

Melissa: Fantastic! It was great having you here today, Karolyn. I wish you loads of success with the Brothers of Rock series! I'm looking forward to reading them.

Blurb: Jess is caught off guard when a sexy stranger buys her a cup of coffee and asks her to sit with him. He's mysterious, nice, and even though he says the right things at the right time, Jess can sense that there's something hidden about him.
As Johnnie sits across from the beautiful woman, he can't believe she doesn't recognize him. Everyone does. It comes with the territory when you're the lead singer of one of the hottest bands in the world, Chasing Cross. With one more show to go before taking a small break in touring, it feels like luck is on Johnnie's side. That is, if he can find a way to tell Jess who he is, without scaring her off.
After her best friend begs her to come to a concert, Jess finds herself standing in the middle of a crowd. The lights are off, music begins, and the crowd erupts in cheers. She doesn't know much about the band, but that's all about to change. When the lights come on, Jess can't believe her eyes. The lead singer of the band is the man from the café.
Plucked from the crowd during the show, Jess makes her way backstage. The encore may have ended on stage, but the real show is just about to begin. Johnnie's passion quickly turns to romance but the more time he and Jess spend together, the more things get complicated. Johnnie has a big decision to make about himself and the band, testing his loyalty and love for the music, and when Jess's dreams start to come true, she starts to realize that true love exists, but it's not always an easy path to take.

Blurb: Rockstars expect women to show up at their hotel room, but when a woman shows up with an infant and tells Davey he is the father, his world is turned upside down.
Anna is a teacher and part-time waitress, desperate to make enough to pay off debts left to her by an ex-boyfriend who made her life a living hell. When her boss schedules her for an extra shift, he tells her it's her job to take care of a special guest... lead guitarist of Chasing Cross, Davey. The second Anna meets eyes with Davey, she feels something she's wanted for a long time. But with someone famous? That's impossible. Besides, Davey is there with a date.
When Davey returns to the restaurant, sans date, he asks to see Anna. She doesn't understand what he would want with her. He is a man with a big heart, kind eyes, and the true power that only a real rockstar could have. Then Anna learns the truth of Davey's life, from his haunted past to his rocky present. Still, she longs to be part of his future. But when Anna's own past turns potentially deadly, life and love suddenly collide in a way that could hurt everyone and leave someone dead.

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