Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guest post with author London Casey

I'm happy to have author London Casey on the blog today. She hear to tell us a bit about her new series, The Boys of DownCrash. It's a pleasure to have you here, London. Take it away, chickie.

London: When I thought about writing a romance series with some serious hot rockstar guys, I tried to tap into the music I listened to and what I expected from the guys in the band. What they looked like, how they acted, and most of all, how they were all different. I envisioned a three piece band that could rock any local bar or medium size venue. And I didn’t want them out on tour or anything. The idea of this series is to stay local, play shows, and work through personal issues. Each guy in DownCrash has issues and each guy must face them. The good news is that they don’t face these decisions alone… they’re in company of beautiful women. These women also have their own personal problems, and that’s where the series takes off and it’s where it makes its greatest sense.

In The Stronger, Safer Kind, Scarlett appears innocent but her dark past proves otherwise. And while Tripp is the lead singer and guitarist for DownCrash and certainly not afraid to act like a bad boy rockstar, he too has a dark past. That’s when fate steps in, not just bringing them together but bringing them together at a time when they both have to face their pasts. Scarlett does it in a secretive way, keeping things to herself like she’s used to. But for Tripp, he wears it all on his sleeve, and it doesn’t take long for Scarlett to realize she has a choice with Tripp… she could stay and help him… or she could take care of herself first. It doesn’t seem fair but life sometimes isn’t.

Coming soon is Torn to Pieces, the second book in The Boys of DownCrash series. This book follows drummer, Tatum, and Scarlett’s roommate, Maggie. I loved writing the book since readers already know about the band and the characters. This book jumps right into the action from page one. It was nice to write something different from the first book and with that said, the final book in trilogy will be the same.

The Boys of DownCrash may be based on music and being rockstars, but these are truly three different guys.

Blurb: All Scarlett wanted to do was thank the sexy stranger who helped her push away a drunk, grabby college boy at a bar. When that stranger identifies himself as Tripp and then takes the stage as the lead singer and guitarist for rock band, DownCrash, everything in Scarlett's life begins to change.

Her best friend, Andy, confesses his love for her and leaves her with what should be an easy decision to make... yet each time she looks in Andy's eyes, she can't help but face her secret, nightmarish past.

The only thing that makes Scarlett feel better is Tripp... but Tripp isn't just a bad boy rockstar, he's hurt. He's in pain. He tries to hide his pain in a bottle, but Scarlett believes that, perhaps, their secrets can help each other.

Friendship and love is suddenly put to the test, and Scarlett is torn... Will she choose an easy, comfortable, happy life or a life clouded with mixed signals, raw emotion, and intense romance?

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