Saturday, September 29, 2012

October = "Give me all your candy" month

Everyone loves Fall. Well, most everyone I know does. As a person living along the Gulf Coast, I can't wait for the cooler temperatures to make an appearance. With the horrid humidity and heat here, I really believe people can melt. I do like Autumn for various reason though. One, I like miniature bite size pieces of candy. Sure, the regular sized candy bar serves its purpose, but those little bite size bits of glory make you feel young and not as much of a fatty. Granted, it's probable you consume more of those in one sitting then just in the regular candy bar. Meh, I chalk that up to interpretation.
 In addition to cooler temps, Autumn also brings on the start of holiday cooking. Gotta love that. It's nice to experiment in the kitchen each year and see what new recipe I can come up with for turkey and dressing. Bobbo (my mom) goes on her pie kick. Not a bad thing. :)
And it seems to mark a time of plentiful blog hops and releases. Halloween anthologies are right around the corner, followed by many Christmas anthologies.

So what are you looking forward to with the coming of Autumn and subsequent holidays? Any of you have any stories that will be featured in the seasonal anthologies? Are you participating in any blog hops? Have any big plans for the holidays this year?


  1. Fall is my favorite time of the year for so many of the reasons you listed. I love Thanksgiving. It's the one time of year that I have family all home and there's no stress of presents or spending money. It's a good meal with lots of laughs and being surrounded by those I love.

    I also love the cooler temps, the inspiring colors and checking out new shows on tv (usually I'm disappointed here..not a huge watcher of television anymore).

    But for some this time of the year always revitatlizes me!

    Enjoyed your post Melissa!!!!

  2. Thanks, Christine! :) Glad you could stop by. I agree about the revitalization. I feel it too.

    That's nice you get to spend Thanksgiving with all of your family. That is something to look forward to for sure.

  3. I like fall, the change in colors are georgous, but I'm a wuss when it comes to cold weather. I do like brisk air once in a while, but he temps drop so dramatically here that it can be 50-60 during the day and 20 or so at night. Burrr.

    I do like the food and candy! Yum. lol

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year--it has everything.

    I feel like a pumpkin pie right now.

    I have a pie for every season: Late fall/winter is pumpkin and apple. Early Spring is your cream pies, like: chocolate, banana, etc, etc. Late Spring/early summer is strawberry/rhubarb, strawberry with graham wafer crust. Mid-simmer is raspberry and also blueberry. Late summer is blackberry. Early spring is apple. Mid-Fall is pumpkin and also mincemeat.

  5. Ok, Brenda, I just had lunch and you're making my mouth water. That's what I get for eating nothing but a cup of baked spaghetti squash and a freaking yogurt. Now I want pie.

    Fall is my favorite time of year too. I loathe summer. I like winter as long as it doesn't snow too much to make everyday life a colossal pain. But I love cold weather. And apple cider, and pumpkin ale, and pumpkin everything else. And sweaters.

  6. Let's have pie pow wow, ladies. In our sweaters. :)

  7. Jeez, A pie pow wow, A.. long arsen day.