Saturday, September 8, 2012

Don't get too excited, but I'm back!

I have to say that was just the break I needed. I think we all have to take a vacation or some little getaway from time to time to ground us all, or in my case, save the lives of others.

I've been fortunate in that I have been able to take a nice vacation somewhere semi-distant for the past few years. Hopefully, I can maintain that tradition from here on out for years to come. There are just so many things to see. In addition, there are a lot of affordable places to visit in the US. I'm all for the nature type scenes as I've gotten older versus the larger, more expensive cities.

So.. on to the photographic part of my vacation. :)

I can honestly say I really didn't care for San Francisco. Too many people, too many hills for this lazy, fat body. 

It did have Alcatraz, however. 
I did see some very awesome views along Highway 1, heading north from San Francisco. Though, I did wonder if I was going to die at some point during the car ride with all the up, downs, and all arounds.

The trees had to be the highlight for me in Northern California. I suppose that was worth the risk of death during the car ride.
Apparently they like everything large in California, including a giant blue ox with one testicle. Totally had to stop for that photo.
Not too sure why, but I think this is my favorite coastal shot. :)
We pushed on through Northern California and traveled through Oregon, taking in a few sights there. Crater Lake being one of them. Gorgeous place. It was hard to tear myself away from all that blue water. 
I wish I knew just how far up we had to go for this shot. Definitely worth it. 
Of course, we had to visit some touristy places as well.
After staying in a few "ghetto" places since our flight was cancelled and we had to take one a day earlier, it was nice to stay in this place for a few nights in the middle of nowhere.
Canon Beach, another touristy place.. The Goonies beach, of course.
Astoria, which I think was my favorite small city we traveled through.
And since we were so close, we had to dip over to Washington too.
 All in all, it was a great trip. Lots of great views. Hella expensive in most places. Some great food, including some very kick ass huckleberry pie in Crater Lake, OR, and the best clam chowder ever in Canon Beach, OR. Now that I've seen San Francisco, probably wouldn't go back again. I'll also be sure not to pass through Garberville, CA again either. Everyone looked like hobo, crackhead hippies. The entire place seemed to be enveloped in fog, or maybe that was the weed smoke. Meh, they can keep their lead pipe showerhead at their ghetto motel. The Redwoods and coast of California, Crater Lake, and Astoria had to be my favorite destinations on this trip. If you are ever considering a trip there, go for it. You'll love it.


  1. Loved the pics! I've heard Oregon is gorgeous and it's on my list. I was in SF years ago and I enjoyed it, but don't have to go back. I just remember an awesome bar we went to to drink and dance called ROCKING times. I also loved Highway 1 and got some great shots. We drove up from San Diego and I remember I wanted to stop to Hearst Castle but nobody else did...and I still regret not forcing the issue because I doubt I'll be along that stretch of road again in this lifetime!

    Glad to know you liked the Redwoods...hubs and I are thinking of either going there next year or back to Maine. We'll see.

    Glad you had a great time.

    1. Oregon was fabulous. And I agree about San Fran, I don't have to go back. Once was enough. :)

      Perhaps you might get back over that way to see Hearst Castle again?

      It's funny you mention Maine. I've been thinking about that one as my next destination.

      Thanks for stopping by, Christine. I always appreciate it. :)

  2. I agree, the pictures are wonderful! Some great memories. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I love travel and vacation.

    I've never been to CA, but both OR and WA were wonderful when we vistited. I loved the parks and old redwood trees we saw. One of my favorite memories.

    Glad you're back!

    1. I love to travel too, Stacey. I liked CA, but outside of the major cities like Los Angeles and San Fran. I'm just not up to speed with larger cities anymore. I used to love them, but now I go for all the smaller towns with great scenery instead.

      The past few years I've tried to hit all the national and state parks I can when I am traveling to different places.

      And thanks! Glad to be back actually. :)

  3. Welcome back--and thanks for taking the pic of Alcatraz! That is the only reason why I'd go to San Fran.

    I really enjoyed all of your pics--I love the one of Crater Lake. What a beautiful pic.

    1. Thanks Brenda-poo! And I'm glad you liked the picture. I wish I'd had the time to take a boat over and get a closer inspection of it. That would have been neat.

      Yeah, Crater Lake was amazing. It was honestly very difficult to look away from all that blue water. Definitely worth a stop if you are ever in the area.

  4. Those are some great pictures, Melissa! And Highway 1 is definately NOT for the faint of heart. If you noticed, there's not a lot of guardrail along the cliff side...down a 500 foot drop. So glad you shared your trip in words and pictures.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sheri! :) Lord, Highway 1 almost did me in. I swear I started to get motion sick in some places. When we were away from the coast, going over the mountainous parts, I remember looking over the side and seeing this insane drop below. What was more insane was the people actually cycling through these places! Nutjobs!

      Perhaps, I my try out Big Sur next time I am passing through CA. That would be nice to see for sure. Gotta love travel. There are such diverse natural features throughout the whole US. I love it!