Sunday, August 19, 2012

Confessions of a Swagaholic

What's this post about, you ask? Yep, you guessed it - SWAG!

Recently, it has come to my attention just how much I really enjoy swag. Granted, I haven't received a lot of it in my time. Actually, only three to date, but still. It's rather awesome for many different reasons. Let's just go ahead and cover a few, why don't we? Please, bear in mind, this is all strictly my own opinion.

1. Builds Reader Loyalty - I think it's a fabulous way to build a loyal fan base. Personally, I get tickled when a author sends me my very own swag pack and a lovely thank you note. You better believe that will facilitate my continual purchase of their books in future, which leads to my next point. 

2. Boosts Sales - (In theory) When you offer a numerous amount of swag packs, it will no doubt encourage readers to pick up their own copy of the book. Especially if the swag is quite flashy and eye-catching. I admit, I would buy a book based solely on the swag I receive. The bookmarks and postcards peak my curiosity and push me toward Amazon and that sometimes evil "Buy Now" button. Not to mention, when I receive two or three bookmarks in a pack, I tend to give the spare/s to a fellow reader pal that will no doubt check out the book as well.

3. Personalization - This is what attracts me. It's that bit of personalization, the note thanking you for your support, that really grabs me. It's a nice touch for an author to show their appreciation for your support as a reader. By sending that little 'thank you', in an odd way, I feel like a little bond has been formed. Even though that just might not be the case, still I'm left with a good feeling. It's nice that many authors make the effort to show their gratitude to their readers. 

4. Time and Effort - Sure, it's easy to get on an email mailing list, which I usually sign up for as well. But in the age of all-things-electronic, it's refreshing to actually receive a physical piece of mail. Do many of you really remember the last time you opened your mail box and pulled out something other than a bill? That the author took the time and effort to physically put together a swagpack and mail it says a lot to me. I appreciate them for it, which leads us back to point one. 

All in all, swag is a bit swagtastic to me. But that's just my take on it. What about you? What do you think of swag?


  1. Great insight Melissa! I agree, a personal thank you note goes a long way. Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm not sure I'm sold on swag. I've received a lot over the years, and I think I've only puchased one book off of the few hundred sway products I've received.

    It's fun, but they are all sitting in a clutter in a box under my desk.

    Now, personal notes changes things a bit. It's always fun to see those and get to know the authors a bit more.

    Good post!

  3. Enjoyed your post Melissa! You're so right, it's a nice personal touch and a great way to thank readers. And there is nothing better than opening up the mailbox and finding something that makes you smile inside instead of a bill...ugh!

  4. I completely agree with you Melissa. Swag is very personal especially if its been signed by the author.

    Unfortunately when I moved a little over a month ago, most of my swag had to go. If it was signed it moved with me, if not, I had to get it away. :(

    Great post.


  5. I love swag. I love bookmarks because, for the most part, I'm still a paperback reader when I'm on the go. One day I'll buy that Kindle.

    What I'd LOVE to know is what type of swag people are giving away. What someone would look forward to receiving. Trading Cards? Bookmarks? Magnets?

    My highlight swag so far is a book personalized by Cherry Adair and sent to me.

  6. Sheri I have kept everyting that Cherry has sent me. It has it own special place in my bookshelf. :)

    For me, I like pens/pencils/notepads. I actually use those everyday and when I do, its free advertising for the author. Magnets are good, too but can be expensive.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, ladies. :) You know I love to hear from you all.

    And pens(!) sound like a great idea. And notepads.. I always use those.

  8. I have to sort of agree with Stacey on this. Besides bookmarks, I don't really get the other stuff. I haven't purchased a book because of the swag I received...shit, now I feel bad.
    But seriously, what sells a book for me has to do with the book title, blurb, cover, and if I like the writer's voice. Swag is neat to have but it has zero relevance on whether or not I will buy a book.

    1. So maybe you do have a point, Brenda. :) I can't help it, I still like swag. It's part of my weirdness, I guess. Ha.

  9. LOL, hey do you want to Brenda swag, hehehehehe?