Saturday, June 9, 2012

What are some of your absolute favorite books of all time?

Hello, you lovely ladies. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. Personally, the weekend is never quite long enough for me.

Since the weather has been rainy all day. I spent a chunk of my day organizing my bookshelves. Sad to say, but it's the little things that bring me joy. As I shuffled around some of the most memorable books in my reading experience, something occurred to me. I don't think I always like technological advancement.

Regardless of being the owner of a PC system, netbook, Kindle Fire, and a smartphone, I still prefer an actual hard copy of my books. To me, there is nothing better than receiving a new, shiny book and flipping through the pages for the first time. The smell of the pages and binding, the feel of the gloss or matte cover, curling up in my chair with a blanket and my new prize - it's a one of kind feeling that brings me pure happiness, plain and simple.

Nonetheless, while reordering my collection, it struck me how many books mean so much to me. I might have picked it up at a particular low/high point in my life, someone special might have recommended a title to me, or I might have just gotten lucky and chosen a winner. Either way, there are so many books I would classify as my favorites. No doubt, I've reread them enough I could probably recite the dialogue. So, I'm going to share a few with you. Bear in mind, I like variety.

Please feel free to share some of your ultimate favorites with me as well. I'm always up for trying new things. :)


  1. Hi Melissa!

    I love to have my favorite books in paperback or hardcover...because like you there's nothing better than holding them in your hands while you read. It is like a prize...and always within reach to enjoy over and over again. But I also like the convenience of ebooks...that instant gratification of when I find one or hear about one from a blog or another author or friend and I can just click a few buttons and it's mine!

    Enjoyed your post :)

  2. I'm with Christine, love my books in-hand. I like dog-earing the corners. I like being able to flip back in the story and refresh my memory, while holding my place with my pinky. I don't have an eReader yet. I know I will one day because that's where the world is going.

    I also know that the only reason my book isn't up on your favorite list is 'cause it hasn't come out yet! LOL!!

  3. Ha! Thanks for stopping in, Christine and Sheri.

    Christine, I like electronic formats for the same reason you mentioned. I don't have to wait on shipping. :) Usually, if I really liked the book, I'll still buy a paperback copy to add to my collection. :)

    Sheri, you have no idea how many favorites I have. :) Had I even attempted to list them all, it would have made for an extremely long post. I'm waiting on your book, chickie!

  4. I'm like you. I have a few dozen 'favorite' books as well.

    I do like the convinience of ebooks. But if I really love the book, I will buy the print version to add to my collection.

  5. As soon as I got my Kindle, I stopped buying paperback books. First, storing paperback books is a massive pain in the ass. Second, the speed and convenience of buying an e-book. Third, e-books are cheaper than paperback. Fourth, e-books are the way of the future--paperback books will be nothing but a collector's item--a novelty. Fifth--by buying e-books I'm going green. Sixth, ever wondered what happens to all the books that don't sell?
    But all of this being said, I do like to have my fav books in paperback for collector purposes: All LOTR's, Hobbit, a few choice romance novels by my fav authors.

  6. For me, its my Linda Howard collection of McKenzie's (I have my originals), Julie Garwood's modern Buchanan's (paper and hardback) and Joan Johnson's Hawk's Way. I'm a sucker for books from the 90's. :)