Friday, June 1, 2012

Review of Skin Deep by Pamela Clare

Skin Deep (I-Team After Hours, #1)
I-Team Series Novella

Blurb: Broken on the inside

Megan Hunter has worked hard to get back on her feet, leaving the nightmare of her teenage years behind. The last thing she wants or needs in her life is a man. But when she is attacked by someone from her past, a scarred stranger intervenes, saving her life and that of her little girl. Looks can be deceiving, for despite the man’s rough appearance, she feels safe with him. And for the first time in her life, she knows the stirrings of desire.

Broken on the outside

Nathaniel West paid a high price serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. He returned to his family’s ranch in the Colorado mountains to heal—and be alone. Disfigured as he is, he has put all thoughts of sex and romance aside. But something about Megan brings him back to life, heats his blood, makes him feel like a man again. As danger pursues her, and the truth about her past is revealed, he vows to protect her—and to heal her wounded spirit.

But confronting the past is never easy—especially when it’s carrying a gun. Megan will have to learn to trust Nate to survive and to claim a passion that is much more than … Skin Deep.

Includes a Bonus Story, Marc & Julian Make a Beer Run

Ride along with Marc, Julian, Zach, Gabe, Reece, Nate, and Joaquin as a beer run turns out to be more than they bargained for.

My ReviewAs you already know, Pamela Clare is one of my favorite authors. I read on her website she released a new I-Team novella.  Of course, I had to snap that up quick.

As usual for Ms. Clare's books, I was not disappointed.

I really enjoyed that Megan (Marc's baby sister from Unlawful Contact) was given her happy ending. Megan is heroine you can easily sympathize with. She's had an unfortunate, rough past but she has turned her life around and tries to be the best mother she can be to her daughter, Emily. And our heroine obviously doesn't believe she is worthy of a decent man's love. Oh, but then she meets our wonderful hero, Nate.

It's rare for me to say, but I am positive I fell completely head over heals in fictional love with this hero. Despite his own insecurities with his past and the scars from it, never is he anything less than the sensitive, understanding man that Megan needs and deserves.  *Le Sigh* LalalaLove this hero.  Definitely a fantastic addition to the awesome heroes of the I-Team Series.

Also, there is a great short story entitled "Beer Run" at the end that will give you a peak at the series' other heroes. 

In short, go ahead and grab the book. It can be read as a stand alone if you have not read any of the series previously. I guarantee once you read it, you will grab more. I'm just saying. 

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  1. I'm so behind on the whole series but your review has convinced me to start reading. :)


    Plus...the cover. Oops, sorry licked my screen.

  2. Hahaha Oh Marika :) You should definitely check out the series. It is soooo flipping good. I really loved this novella too. I already felt emotionally invested in Megan's character from a previous book so I was so very happy she found the perfect hero for herself.

  3. I'm another guilty one that has not read this series. I've only heard good things about it.

    I'll have to give them a try.