Thursday, May 10, 2012

What makes a man your real hero?

So, I'm going to assume since you landed on this page you do read romance.  Not too sure why else you would find yourself here, but hey, the more the merrier.

At any rate, I was thinking.  Yes, I do it occasionally.  What is it about a man that defines him as your "hero"?  I bring that up because we all are romance readers and we all have our own preferences when it comes to our heroes in fiction.  Personally, I tend to go for those overbearing, protective borderline-obsessive/possessive types.  Not entirely sure why, but to each their own right?

That being said, many real men in our lives might not carry many of the qualities that we find in our fictional men.

While that is discouraging to a degree, I'm sure there are tons of real, live fantastic men out there that just might.  I've met a few, not an overabundance mind you.  Of course, they might not exactly have as much such appeal as Joe or Alex here, but we are being somewhat realistic here.  I somehow doubt I'll be running into Alexander in the produce section of the A&P any time soon.   

So, what exactly defines a real man as the hero to your heroine (you)?  Is it his body, sense of honor, perhaps sense of humor, or even his protective instincts? 

Are the heroes in your real life anything remotely like your fictional heroes you favor in novels?

Just curious.  Your thoughts are always welcome.


  1. If a man treats me with respect, love, and kindness then I will consider him my hero. Simple, really. :)

  2. Love and respect for sure! And a healthy dose of loyalty and trust. Great post, Melissa!

  3. Respect, love, kindness to me, to others and to animals--but not syrupy nice. A good sense of humor, strong, knows how to be a man and knows how to treat a woman like a woman. He needs to have rough palms, a firm body, but most of all, he has to be loyal and trustworthy. Nothing worse than dating a guy you can't trust.

  4. I agree with that completely, Brenda. I'm all for respect as well. Ha, I said I love my fictional heroes to be overbearing and protective, but I would probably slap the shitake out of a real man for that crap. :)

  5. A very wise man once told me - You are attracted by someone's looks, You fall in love with their personality but you marry their character. And I found a wonderful man who met the first criteria and aced the last so I married him. Best decision of my life.

    But for my romance novels - I pretty much just want them to look good. LOL

  6. Casea speaks the truth.... I was attracted to the 'cuteness' of my hubby, fell in love with his personality, and treasure his love and loyalty..... Oh, and his ability to put up with my craziness! LOL

    For my romance novels...I want a hunk! Who loves his lady and would do anything for her.

  7. He has to be a REAL man, one who's willing to take a gamble on something. I don't care what that something is, as long as it pulls him the other direction and he makes the hard choice.

    BTW, I'm enjoying all the comments here :)

  8. When I'm reading, because of course this isn't real life we're talking about...I think a man who is willing to risk his life for the woman he loves, is a big one. You posted pictures of men from True Blood, and how many times have these men almost died protecting Sookie? LOVE the ultra protectiveness in my big hunk, hero! Realistically, my husband is the ideal man. Humorous, loyal, loving, and protective, all rolled into one super sweet ball of goo! LOL

  9. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I love hearing your responses. I'm very glad you guys have found your ideal husbands. That's refreshing to hear.