Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review of The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands

Reissue April 26, 2011 (Avon)

Blurb: It was to be hoped that her groom was partial to cherries. For Avelyn feared she would very much resemble one at their wedding feast. Too round, to red in the scarlet gown that was all she could fit into…and perhaps too tart for his taste? No doubt he longed for a sweet, biddable bride, one who was as tiny and trim as she was trying to appear.

Paen Gerville longed for a lively, well-rounded woman, one whose plump breast would cushion his head after the lonely, harsh life of a solitary fighting knight. At first his wife-to-be promised no such delights—her form was unbending, her health apparently fragile as she fainted into his arms as their first kiss. But one split bridal gown later, her assets were eye-poppingly apparent and Paen could only grin as he anticipated the surprises yet to come on his wedding night with… THE PERFECT WIFE
My Opinion: After a long cantankerous day at work sometimes all I want to do is come home and bury myself under a mound of covers and fall asleep for a few days. Unfortunately, we can't really do that, can we? So when the day has been pissy and I just want to unwind, I read something that is lighthearted and full of humor which will bring a smile to my face. 
Enter Lynsay Sands.
The Perfect Wife happens to be the first book I stumbled upon by this author. Since then, I have read just about everything this author has released. Oddly enough, this book is still one of my favorites by this author. If you haven't noticed already, I tend to gravitate toward historic and medieval novels. Meh, to each their own, right?

There are three significant things about this book that make me like it so much. 

1) While some reviewers complained about the author's "slapstick" humor, I actually find it quite enjoyable to read for a change. This book, in particular, has a series of humorous events that never cease to make me laugh. And that is exactly why I am reading the book in the first place. I want to read about those hilarious events whether or not others might deem it "silly". At the end of a long day, it's nice to read a book that doesn't have such a plot-heavy storyline. I don't want to have to concentrate on thick plots or frown about certain instances. Instead, I want to be able to kick my heals back, relax, and laugh. Mission accomplished with this book.

2) The characters in this story are extremely likeable. While it's a medieval romance, the hero and heroine still encompass a lot of characteristics that hit extremely close to home in a many of us today. 
For instance, Avelyn, the heroine, has such a good heart, but is an overly self-conscious woman that goes to great links to please her new husband. Although, no matter how many obstacles fall into her lap, she manages to persevere (that wonderful human talent all of us are gifted with).

The hero, Paen, thoroughly amused me. The author did a terrific job crafting this character. He is so utterly male, it's hilarious to read. His thought process, mentality, and logic are almost scarily familiar to a few men I know in my own life. At one point, the hero, who is inexperienced with the sensibilities of the opposite sex, pats the heroine's bottom and offers her an apple for a job well done because that was exactly how he'd let his horse know he'd done well. This scene actually tickled me because the guy was so downright clueless when it came to his new wife. Sadly, so are many of the males in our lives. Also, the hero had his own share of vulnerabilities (in a manly way, of course) about pleasing his new spouse which I found endearing in some cases. 
3) Once I read who the real "hero" of the story was toward the end, I had a huge grin on my face. It's not everyday you'll read a book where this particular "hero" has an opportunity to save the day. It was actually very cute. 
All in all, if you are looking for a lighthearted, fun read loaded with humor, this book is for you.  I'll continue to read anything this author releases. While I'll not offer an apple and a pat on your rear, I will say, job well done, Ms. Sands.

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  1. First, love L.S novels--love her humor. Second, this cover is gorgeous. And third, your review was perfecto, so now this book is going to be on my Kindle!

  2. Loved the review. :) I love L.S., too but I missed this one.


  3. Great review! Sounds like a book I'd love. Lol, so glad you're not going to offer a pat and an apple to L.S. That could be awkward!

  4. Great review. You are getting better and better.

    the book sounds fun. will have to look for it.

  5. Oh this one sounds great! I love medievals too! I am partial to my KISAs

  6. Great review! Convinced me to read it :)

  7. Writing humor is one the of the hardest things to do. Congrats on the great review.

  8. I love the medieval period, but have never seen one that was humorous! Will have to put this on my Kindle for summer reading! Great review!