Friday, May 4, 2012

Review of Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett

Nothing To Commend Her
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Publication Date: 2009

Blurb: The Earl of Pensby lost his wife in a fire, one that left him scarred in more ways than one. He’s surly, brooding, and according to half the ton, a monster. Except to Agatha Trumwell, she sees so much more than his scars. But with a pitiful dowry, unfavorable looks, and a tendency to speak her mind, she has nothing to commend her, or so she believes. Can these two lonely souls find love amid the gossiping beau monde while someone plots to tear their fragile world apart?

My Opinion: So, maybe I was trolling yet again.  All right, perhaps, "virtual" trolling might be a more apt description.  As you all might have guessed by now, it seems to be a hobby of mine to find new material to read fairly often.  I mean, hey, is it really a bad thing I'd rather spend my time reading a book than watching some crappy show on television?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.

For me, it's actually a nice release to just browse book stores and online retailers such as Amazon for new authors.  On one such occasion, I ran across Nothing to Commend Her on Amazon.  I couldn't even begin to tell you how I stumbled across it.  Nonetheless, I read the blurb and the limited reviews posted on the site and it seemed like it might be a good read.  Initially, I debated over buying the book since the author wasn't as well known to me.  After staring at it in my cart for three days, I finally just clicked that notorious "Checkout" button that I'm sure we all know well.

To say the book took me by surprise is an understatement.  The author created an endearing, beautiful tale that was an absolute pleasure to read. 

What drew me into the story immediately and made me love it so much were the hero and heroine.  They are what you might term the "underdogs" of popular society.  The hero is heavily scarred from a fire and extremely self-conscious as a result.  The heroine is a plain, intelligent spinster with no prospects on the table.  After finding themselves entering a marriage together, they struggle with their insecurities and misconceptions about each other.  Other obstacles are thrown in the mix obviously, but you'd have to read the book to find that out for yourself. 

But it's the author's focus on the budding love between these two lonely, likeable characters that make this such an enjoyable read for me.  Both characters immediately looked past the scarring and plainness others had snubbed them over for long and easily saw the real person hidden inside.  It's hard not to find yourself cheering them on and wishing them all the happiness they both deserve.

Also, there were such tender moments in the story as this pair fell into love with each other.  Magnus truly is a complete sweetheart even as he struggles with his confidence. There are many times during the story I wished I'd had the ability to actually reach out and give this fictional man a hug. 

This book definitely falls under one of my "sweet reads".  It will never fail to bring a smile to my face and warmness to my otherwise hard heart.  So cheers, Jo Barrett, for offering such a gratifyingly charming read that I intend to read over and over.  Never again will there be any hesitation to click that "Checkout" button if your name is on it.

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Available for purchase at: Wild Rose Press 


  1. Isn't wonderful to push that buy button and then kick yourself later because you should have pushed it sooner? Great review and Jo Barret's books are excellent.


    1. I completely agree, Marika. Thanks for stopping by

  2. First off, you always find books with amazing covers. Second, your review is fantastic!

  3. Great review, Melissa! The book sounds like a great one to me. I'll have to put it on my already groaning TBR list.