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Review of Dangerous Ally by Jessica Lauryn

Dangerous Ally
Dangerous Ally by Jessica Lauryn

Blurb: When Reporter Lilah Benson takes a job in the home of diamond smuggling kingpin Lucas Ramone, she believes she has a chance to write the story of a lifetime. But when she meets the man who was supposed to be her nemesis, Lilah is tempted by a passion far stronger than the desire to see her name in print...

There was no doubt in Lucas's mind that eliminating his father's new executive assistant--namely, the bastard he's hired to help steal Project Gemstone--would be effortless. But with eyes like green jewels and a body made for a man’s hands, Lilah Benson isn't exactly the adversary he was expecting to face...

Though Lilah may be the one person capable of bringing him to his knees, Lucas will stop at nothing to keep his empire secure. He will have it all: His Fortune, His Legacy, and Lilah Benson in his bed...

My Opinion: So this book came to me as a recommendation.  I did my usual - checked out the author, read the blurb, excerpt and reviews, then decided to give it a try.  Meh, might as well, right?  It's nice to check out new authors that I might not have known otherwise.   I can be pleasantly surprised at times.

That seems to be the case with this book.  I found it to be thoroughly engrossing and engaging from the start and I couldn't bring myself to put it down to go to bed.  I had to keep reading until I reached the end just to find out how it concluded.  Did the characters find their Happily-Ever-After?  Well, I had to know, didn't I?

There were so many different twists and turns in the book, it definitely grabbed my attention.  There are parts where I wasn't too sure who to trust.  Of course, that worked to make me fall deeper into the story.    

I really enjoyed the fact the author didn't stick with a golden boy.  The hero, Lucas, just happens to be a villain.  He knew he was one of the bad guys and would be the first to admit it.  I like that the author didn't fluff out and fill him with excuses to blame everyone else for his behavior as some writers have the tendency to do.  He kept on his big boy pants the entire book and didn't flounder for excuses. Of course, don't get me wrong, the man had a seriously dysfunctional family, major trust issues, a dark past, and a certain level of paranoia.  Can't say I blame the guy though, but he didn't use those factors as a scapegoat for his actions. 

While those driving forces impacted much of his life, it's great to read about this guy's bumpy road to redemption.  Villain or not, you couldn't help but cheer on Lucas as he feels his way through uncharted territory with the heroine, Lilah.   

Lilah was caught in between a rock and a hard place if I've ever seen one.  She fights her attraction for Lucas, knowing he is the villain that left such a dark shadow hanging over her family.  However, you can't choose who you love, right? 

How will these two characters, with so many odds stacked against them, find their own happiness together?  Is it even possible?  Can he actually reform enough to keep Lilah by his side?  Ha, apparently you will need to read that to find out.

I would definitely recommend this debut novel by Ms. Lauryn.  It was an immediate attention grabber that will have you turning pages to discover what's really happening in this secretive, criminal family and if Lucas will turn out to be the real villain after all.

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  1. Great review, Melissa, just like all your other ones! I think anyone who likes a little mystery and suspense in their romance will love this book by the sounds of it.

    1. Hey, Lisa! Thanks for popping in and checking out the review. You know I always appreciate it. :)

  2. Another great review. You are a natural at this.
    I also really like the cover on this book.

    1. Aww thanks, buddy! Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate the support. :D

  3. Great review Melissa. I too read this book and found it hard to put down at bed time. I ended up reading it quickly because it was so suspenseful and I'm not usually a fast reader.

    1. Thanks for checking out the review and commenting, Roni. Yeah, the book totally grabbed my attention from the start. I couldn't help but read it in one sitting.