Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review of Bound by the Mist by Lisa Kumar

Book 1 in the Mists of Eria Series

Blurb: Though a dimension of differences stands between them, they are bound by the mist. 

A magic that’s fading

Relian has lived a life that hasn’t changed in millennia, and he likes it that way. As Prince of the Erian people, he has his conscripted duties. And a human, even one as desirable as Cal, does not fit into them. But as the enemy darkindred knock on the borders and the magic of his people fades, he might just have to find room.

A love that’s binding

College Student Cal Weston spends a good portion of her time trying to keep people from thinking she’s crazy, including herself. And with good reason. But her carefully constructed reality is turned upside down when she discovers that Relian, the seductive elvin prince who has been starring in her sensuous fantasies, isn’t merely a myth and his magical kingdom really exists. Now she’s bound to an elf and stuck in a land where no one, least of all Relian, is willing to spill any answers about the truth of her arrival.

Two people, two worlds meet in the mist

Even as love grows between them, can they lay aside their differences to embrace a life together?

My Opinion: You'll be happy to know I wasn't trolling through any book stores to find this one. Just the idea of trolling makes me sound like some old dirty, literary deviant. And I digress. 

I'll start by saying I have never really been a lover of fantasy romance or time travel romances. There are a few I like, but it's few and far between. Most times the authors pack in too many outlandish details that turn the story into some silly incomprehensible jumble of words, or the story really is just plain silly(I could have said something mean here, but I didn't). Don't get me wrong. I have read a few epic fantasy fiction novels that have been outstanding. However, when you throw in romance as the main driving element of the story, things tend to go south in my experience. 

Through my writer's critique group(full of terrific ladies I honestly admire), I had the great fortune of having my first completely messed up chapter critiqued by two very competent, understanding authors, Lisa Kumar and Daryl Davore. Cheers, by the way!  :)  After that, I had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa Kumar a bit better through our exchange of emails. What I came to learn was she is an absolute sweetheart that is extremely well versed and entirely humble about her own writing. Being the inquisitive(some might just say nosy) person that I am, I had to check out her book, Bound by the Mist. Of course, I had a certain level of apprehension once I discovered it was a fantasy romance. Dear, oh dear, what to do? Well dive right in and read it, of course.  

And can I just say "WOW". Totally not what I expected at all. 

It was a beautifully written, well developed love story with likeable characters that actually had such depth and a well of emotions. The author created such a richly detailed Elven realm that, to be honest, I was sort of sad to leave once I reached the end of the book.   

The hero, Relian, was a perfect blend of traits: protectiveness, strength, sensitivity, and a certain air of elusiveness. While he tried to hold on to his secrets and his heart, he couldn't quite accomplish that with the heroine, Cal. She was a balanced mixture of shy sweetness and logical intelligence. Together, the pair have such a magnetic pull to each other. Regardless of the fateful bond between them and assorted obstacles, these two found their own path to a true love, side by side. 

One aspect of the book that I loved so much was the fact the author allowed the love between this pair to grow naturally. In too many books, the love between a hero and heroine have a habit of springing up overnight. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading a book, fantasy even, that will allow the characters to grow into love together. It adds a certain level of realism to the story that allows the reader to relate more with the hero and/or heroine. 

Also, the author set up a solid foundation for a series. Nothing makes me happier when I find a book I love and I see the possibility of a series. It leaves me with this certain anticipation for what's to come in the future. I am anxiously awaiting a novel for Talion, the cynical, sex-on-a-stick Elvin king, and Maggie, the sarcastic, direct, independent best friend of Cal.  

I have to give a huge 'thank you' to Lisa Kumar for restoring my faith in fantasy romance. I highly recommend this book to one and all every chance I get. I simply adored this sweet love story that left me with the warm and fuzzies and an ear-to-ear sappy grin.  

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  1. Wonderful review. This group is the best.

  2. You nailed the book and the author! Great job Melissa. Yes, Lisa's talents are tremendous and I am waiting for Talion and Maggie's story like a skinny dog waiting on a bone (I like equating myself to something skinny)

    So glad you are turned-on to the exceptional prose of Ms. Kumar.

  3. Wow, Melissa. I'm going to echo Casea and say YOU NAILED the book and the author!

    I loved Bound By the Mist. There are so many reasons why I love this story, but one of the main ones is because of the depth of emotions. There were times while reading this book I'd get chills from the pure mastery of the English language author Lisa Kumar has and and how she used words to paint such a vivid and emotional picture in my head. To say I am in awe of Lisa Kumar's talents is an understatement. I am now and forever a huge fan of hers.

    I look forward to the next book in this series.

  4. I agree with every word you said, I also read and reviewed Lisa's book.

    Keep the reviews coming.

  5. Thanks for your wonderful review, Melissa! I think I'm blushing! And everyone's sweet comments have made my day.

    I'm so glad you liked this more realistic approach to fantasy romance! Lol, not everyone does. While instant love can be exciting to read about, it can also become overkill if not pulled off with flair. And I felt that lack in fantasy and paranormal romance. Most everything seemed geared toward wham-bam love between hero and heroine.

    I wanted to write something a little truer to the characters' emotions. Change isn't easy, and I couldn't see them just falling head long into love right away. I also decided to have her remain a normal human woman in order to add to the sense of realism I wanted to portray. Most of the time, the heroine becomes even more powerful in otherworldly abilities than the hero. Lol, but I wasn't going to make Cal some long lost daughter of some other Elvin ruler.

    Thanks again for the awesome review. You're doing a wonderful job on this blog of yours:) I can't wait to read more of your thoughts and opinions!

  6. Another great interview and a very awesome sounding book!


  7. I agree with everyone. Great review and you are doing great with your reviews. :)


  8. Great review Melissa! I love that you put your endearing wit in there, and Bound by the Mist now has me intrigued... Can't wait to read it!

    Sydney Alicia~