Saturday, May 5, 2012

Offering you lovely people appreciation

Hi there, you lovely readers.  I just wanted to take a chance to thank you all for your views and comments.  It means a great deal to me that you would take the time to check out my reviews. 

I am still trying to find the right niche.  I can only hope I will be able to continue with more awesome authors.  There are so many I would love to add.  If you haven't noticed, I tend to stick to books I have honestly enjoyed rather than move on to the ones that might not have been my favorites.  For the time being, I do believe I will stick with this particular formatting.

However, I am always open to suggestions.  If there is a certain book that might be your favorite and you would love to see it here, please feel free to drop me a line to discuss it more.  I aim to please my readers.

Wishing you sunshine and rainbows and all the non-pissy things in life!


  1. I love you picture you used in this post! One of your own? I bet so with the traveling you do:)

    I think your format is working great. If I reviewed, I'd be like you, preferring to review the books I loved.

  2. I love your site, your reviews, and I enjoy your attitude.

  3. Awww thanks guys! :D I would hug you if I could. And indeed this is one of my own pictures, Lisa. It's one of the views from inside Yellowstone.