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Interview with Daryl Devoré

Black Dorn

Well hello, all you lovely readers. Today I am happy to have Daryl Devoré with me. She was kind enough to stop in and allow me to interrogate her for a little while. :)

Thanks again, Daryl. Can you tell the readers a little about yourself? Inquiring mind want to know.

Well if inquiring minds have been reading all the blogs I’ve been to lately, they know just about everything there is - so I’ll reach way down into the bag and see what I can pull up.

I love to travel. I want to see the world. Literally - I’d go into space in a heartbeat. I’ve touched a piece of the moon, which sounds cool but anybody can do it - just have to visit NASA in Florida.
I create great dinner parties. My friends love it when I call up and say, “I’m bored.” Because that means there’s something scrumptious for dinner and something decadent and chocolate for dessert. Jim, a friend’s husband, has been known to beg for my Trinity Parfait - 3 ingredients - whipped cream, chocolate and sugar. (Nobody is allowed to be on a diet in my house.)

Ha, wow! Can I come for an extended stay? Nah, really. That’s pretty neat. I’ll have to seek more information about this Trinity Parfait soon. :) So what actually kicked off your start as an erotic romance novelist? Did you wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I’m totally going to write an erotic romance today?”

Almost. I think the idea grew slowly and then one day it was more of - “Today’s the day” and I sat down and started writing. 

From what I’ve heard, you are quite a shy person. How do you come up with your material for your novels?

It could be a thought that pops in my head. Or I could overhear someone say something and that triggers a thought which grows into a scene which blossoms into a book which - at some point, I actually have to type onto my laptop. 

What inspires you to write?

I don’t know that anything does. I just do. I’ve always found putting words to paper easy. The transition from writing as a student to writing as a fiction writer was - and still is - a challenge, but none-the-less the ideas and words flow. 

I don’t struggle over every word and every sentence. I’m a "get it written and then deal" kind of person.

Hmm, wish I could say the same.  It’s awesome you can be that sort of writer though.  In your opinion, what is the hardest part of writing? And how do you overcome it? 

Critiques - Actually had an email conversation with Brenda Dyer, a fellow Canadian and author (ooh a shout out), and we talked about critiques and the problems we’ve faced over some of them and without her knowing it, she released a lot of anxiety I had about it. Writing is a solitary thing and I feel that I’m the only one doing all these stupid mistakes. And sometimes critiques can make you feel that way - like you can’t do anything right. You look at the page and it looks like the climactic scene in a teenage slasher movie and there’s so much red on it. 

What’s totally dumb, is when I do a critique, sometimes the page is full of suggestions and yet I don’t think that person did anything wrong - just needed a second set of eyes to see things.

Anybody out there a psychiatrist - cause I probably could use a few sessions!

Ha, I’m sure that must be a normal feeling though.  I’m going to start critiquing in green, I think.  The color red is just way too intimidating to me. Perhaps green will make people think of fluffy puppies rolling in the grass. Can’t go wrong there, right? So what’s currently in the works for you? 

2 WIP.  Capri’s Fate and Dragon FireCapri’s Fate is an erotic contemporary fantasy about a corporate vice-president who is dragged to a sex toy convention by her friend. While she’s there, she hears a deep, sexy male voice. It talks to her in her head - and follows her home. 

Dragon Fire is an erotic medieval fantasy. So far, there is a prince on a quest to slay a dragon who killed his wife and unborn child. There is a beautiful and mysterious woman who has magical powers. And a dragon who breathes fire and only flies at night. And all this is erotic and ends happily ever after if I ever get past the first chapter.

I’ve actually had a chance to check out a little of both and love what you’ve written to far.  By the way, I’m totally waiting to find out Capri’s fate.  Just letting you know. :) 

I love the covers of Black Dorn and Sexy Red Hood. They’re both very appealing covers. Sorry, but A Kept Woman will forever make me giggle since a recent conversation has come to light. At any rate, do you have any control over your covers? 

OMG! I’m afraid I’m stuck with the A Kept Woman thing, aren’t I? You all are going to be so disappointed when we get together. Someday!  

My publisher makes the covers. Yes, I have a say. The original cover for Black Dorn I felt was too over the top and they agreed to change it. The authors fill out a questionnaire giving ideas of what we would like. For Black Dorn, they found the picture of the woman bowing and a great photo of a castle. I hadn’t described the castle in the story, so I had to add that, plus I had to slip in a scene where Branwyn prostrated herself like in the photo. 

Ha, that cover still makes me laugh. :)  Are there any particular intimate subjects or themes that you wouldn’t even remotely touch with rubber gloves and a very long stick with your writing?

The standard - rape, incest, etc.  I might set up a scene where a character is in danger of being raped by she will be saved - even if at the last second. 

As for gay - menage - multiracial - whatever - I have no objections. Haven’t used those themes as they haven’t figured into my plots.

If you were offered the chance to have a one on one conversation with one person throughout history, who would you choose and why? 

Oooh, great question. This is going to take some thinking. Everyone go get a coffee - this might take a moment. 

Got it. Leonardo da Vinci - now he’d be an interesting dude to talk with. And I bet no one has called him a dude. He was so far ahead of his time. What didn’t he do? His paintings are extraordinary. His drawings are life like. He did math, science, anatomy and botany practically before they were invented. He outlined the concept of plate tectonics. My daughter’s a geologist. The fact that I know this and what plate tectonics are is her fault. 

And for my final question, what are five things that make Daryl Devoré a happy woman? 

Chocolate, my husband, chocolate, my daughter, chocolate - and little furry kittens. 

Ha! So if someone is ever in doubt over a gift for you, it’s safe to assume chocolate and fluffy baby kittens are the answer, eh?  :)

Thanks so much for stopping in today.  I’ve enjoyed learning a few more thing about your that I didn’t already know.  You are definitely an interesting lady.  I’m looking forward to your next release!

***As a special treat, Daryl is offering up a copy of Black Dorn, Sexy Red Hood, and A Kept Woman to one lucky, random commenter.  Please be sure to add your email so you can be contacted.***

Blurb:  Sold by her family to become a submissive courtesan to a powerful man, Branwyn arrives in a strange new land ruled by the castle of Black Dorn. Horrified by Branwyn’s lack of knowledge regarding relations between a man and his woman, her instructor, Duna Trea, begins her daily lesson in the art of bedding a man.

Excerpt: A lecherous grin crossed Timous' mouth as he pointed his sword at Branwyn. "That is quite a beauty that sits in the place next to the gon-dra's (heir to the throne). I imagine she beds well."

Malack turned to the gon (king). "This must be ended or Black Dorn will always have a suspect neighbor. If the castle is to be truly safe, all must be loyal to it. Timous and I will fight. By birthright, I am gon-dra. Let us see what the fates decide." He faced his brother. "We fight. Alone. In the courtyard. The one who returns is gon-dra."

"Malack. Timous." The gonness (queen) stood. "My sons."

The gon grabbed his wife's hand and pulled her to her seat. "It must be. Malack is right."

"But my son…our son?"

Malack bowed his head to his mother. Timous sneered in contempt. Side by side, they strode out the door. Neither spoke.

The great hall remained silent. Timous' men grouped together. The gonness quietly cried into her napkin, while the gon conferred with his captain of the guard. Soldiers clustered near the royal table. Their swords were drawn.

Branwyn was torn between panic and numbness. Malack looked exhausted. His shoulders slumped forward and dark circles underlined bloodshot eyes. Slashes in his clothing hinted at bloodied wounds hidden beneath. When had he slept or eaten last? Could he beat a healthy, well-fed, well-rested opponent?

If Timous won. If Timous won? The terrifying thought circled her mind--would she be given to him, as he would be the gon-dra? To be handed to him? To have to tragor (submit) to his touch, his kisses, his manhood? Her stomach lurched. She tasted bile.

Thoughts tried to push their way into her mind. She fought to suppress them, but they floated through. What about her baby? Her hand rubbed her belly. Would Timous allow her to keep it? A cry escaped her. Malack might never know he had fathered their child. A jolt of fear made her tremble. What if the baby is a boy? Malack's son. Would Timous allow him to live? The son of his hated rival. What if it is a girl? Would he sell her to be a dune as she had been sold? Tears began to pour down Branwyn's cheeks.

Never again to be kissed by him. The harder she fought to stop her wild and random thoughts the more they wormed their way into her consciousness. To be touched by him. To feel his hand caressing my breast. To stop the sensations of remembering his touch, she attempted to take a sip of wine. She could not. Her hand shook too much.

She balled her napkin into a tight mess, squeezing so hard her knuckles turned white. How long had it been? She looked to the gonness for comfort. The fear on the gonness' face showed she also thought the fight had taken too long.

What if? What if? What if? whirled around her brain.

Review: I have to be honest and admit I wasn‘t sure if I would enjoy this book. I’m not that heavy of an erotic reader. Plus when you throw in themes of domination and submission, it really isn’t my thing. But I would be a hypocrite to say I didn’t like something without even giving it a read.

Talk about a surprise. I definitely did not expect to be so thoroughly pulled into the book as I found myself. The heroine, Branwyn was sort of given the short stick but she is a strong woman and accepts her fate and tries to embrace it. She also finds love in the midst of it. Malack, the hero, is awesome in my opinion. He does not falter with his duties to Black Dorn and I loved his devotion to Branwyn.

I have to say the thing I really thought was interesting about this book was how the author shifts the tones midway through the story. Nearly halfway through the story, the tone and material is a bit on the dark side. However, once the hero and heroine acknowledged their love for each other, it was if the clouds cleared, allowing the sun to shine. I have to admire the author for being able to make such a major shift in the tone of the book with such fluidity. Very well done and clever, in my opinion. Not just anyone can successfully pull off such a major shift.

If you are looking for an interesting, sexy read, this is the book for you. I’ll definitely be checking out more from this author in future.

Please be sure to visit Daryl at: Website
Available for purchase at: Amazon 


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    1. The Kept Woman cover is a private joke.
      Wouldn't it be fascinating to sit down and talk with Leonardo. Thanks for commenting.

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    Dragon Fire sound awesome.

    There are many things I love about writing and all that goes with it, but one of the best things is all the great people I've met--like you, Daryl and Melissa.

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