Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review of Anne Mallory's In Total Surrender

In Total Surrender (Secrets, #3)
Book 3 in the Secrets Series

Blurb: The first kiss was dangerous enough…

Andreas Merrick is the king of London’s dark underworld, having amassed unimaginable wealth and power…and a fierce reputation that leaves even the bravest men quaking in their boots. Yet one person is maddeningly unintimidated by his fearsome presence: the persistent Miss Phoebe Pace.

And one kiss always leads to another…

Equal parts honey and steel, Phoebe will stop at nothing to find her missing brother and save her family. Though associating with Andreas means peril and scandal, she never expects to experience a passion so intense that it threatens to consume her. But enigmatic Andreas is no ordinary man to love. He brings dangers from all sides – without and within – while tempting her beyond her wildest dreams…

My Opinion: Okay, so maybe I was trolling again..  

But this time with a specific book in mind. A while back this book popped up under my recommendations on Amazon. Even though I wasn't familiar with the author, the cover looked appealing so I decided to check it out. Naturally I checked out a few reviews, which is not uncommon for me. Soon I discovered a lot of mixed reviews. In particular, people complained that the first half of the story was written from the hero's point of view then other reviewers seemed to be disappointed with the lack of intimate scenes in the book. After reading the reviews, that only made my interest intensify. I had to find out just what these people meant for myself.

And am I glad I did give it a shot. Once I read the book, it quickly was added to my growing list of favorites. 

 Andreas has to be one of the most remote, ruthless heroes I have read. I completely grasped why the first third of the book was written from his point of view. He is such a silent, solemn person you would have to be in his point of view for the storyline to work. I thought it was an entirely innovative change from standard Regency romance novels.

I can't even express just how humorous I found the inner struggle going on in this hero's head every time he encountered the heroine or dealt with her hairbrained schemes. Not to mention her bribery with pastries. It was actually fun to read his control slip with each new baked good that landed on his desk.  

Phoebe was an interesting character as well. She was a sly, eccentric lady with an enormously sunny disposition. Totally clashes with the dark, dangerous hero, but their connection to each other worked so well in this book. And that is absolutely because the author crafted and delivered a wonderful story full of rich detail and sharp, witty dialogue. 

As for the lack of intimate scenes, they were relatively minor in the book. Of course, that doesn't deter me in the slightest. As long as there is a decent amount of sexual tension between the hero and heroine and the dialogue is snappy, I'm a satisfied lady. 

And that was the case with this book. It's rare to come across a romance novel where the hero is allowed to dominate so much of the book. Personally, that was one of the things I loved so much about In Total Surrender. I appreciated that the author tried something new with this book and actually had the knowledge and know-how to pull it off and create a thoroughly complex, enjoyable read. 

Truly, the book tickled me. If you haven't given it a try, please add it to your "To Be Read" list soon. 

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  1. Awesome review! I am definitely reading this one! Thanks!

  2. Oh wow. First, the cover is insanely awesome. That grabbed my attention as soon as I got to your page, then your review just sealed the dang deal. And that deal is--I'M BUYING THIS BOOK!!!!

  3. I'm in the minority regarding the hero's POV. I love it. So many books are written in the heroine's POV and sometimes it gets boring to me.

    Already bought it based on your review. :)


  4. What a great review! Now I have to add another book to my TBR list, Melissa! And it's all your fault, lol:)