Friday, May 11, 2012

Review of Never Love a Lawman by Jo Goodman

Never Love A Lawman (Reidsville, #1)
Book 1 in the Reidsville Series

Blurb: Rachel Bailey may seem like just a beautiful newcomer to most of Reidsville, Colorado, but Sheriff Wyatt Cooper knows she's much more. Through a twist of fate, Rachel is the inheritor of a very valuable commodity: control of the railway that's keeps the isolated mining town connected to the world.

That is, she will be, if she agrees to the surprising stipulation in her benefactor's will - that she marry Wyatt. Rachel has no choice: refusing the marriage could put all of Reidsville in the hands of an outsider - and not just any outsider, but the cruel tyrant she has come here to escape.

Yet living with Wyatt will be her greatest challenge. For he has a tempting way about him that makes Rachel forget theirs is a marriage in name only - until her frightening past shows up to remind them exactly how much they have at stake...

My Opinion: I'm proud to say I totally found this author on my own. The first book I happened to pick up was the first in her Thorne Brothers Trilogy and I had to get more immediately.  The fact I really wasn't too much into the whole Western-themed books at the time nearly made me skip over it.  Of course, I won't lie, the cover persuaded me to take the plunge. 

One thing you have to understand about Ms. Goodman's books, they are not what you would call 'fast reads'.  They are meant for you to sit back, relax, and be thoroughly immersed in the story. This author masterfully creates a detailed, well developed, character-driven world that I don't mind spending as long in as I can.

Her characters and their constant developing relationship throughout the book have to be what I love most about her books.  Never Love a Lawman most assuredly delivered a rather engrossing tale with two very strong, likeable characters.

The heroine, Rachel, is such an independent, intelligent woman attempting to make the best out of life she can with the hand she was dealt.  She's reserved, observant, and takes no crap from the hero, Wyatt.  Speaking of Wyatt, I love this hero.  At first, you might get the wrong impression about him but as you continue reading you begin to see the true hero he really is.  That's what I love about this author.  She doesn't lay all her cards out on the table in the beginning.  You are actually given more insight into her characters in layers throughout the story.  I absolutely love that approach.  Without a doubt, that hooks me.

This author just happens to be another that will allow her heroes and heroines to build their relationship as the story progresses.  I do favor writers that tend to let the relationship between the main characters flow naturally.  Personally, it's just more realistic and enjoyable for me.  Of course, that is my own opinion and we each have certain elements in romantic fiction that reel us in.

Also, Ms. Goodman did a fantastic job of creating a terrific variety of supporting characters in this particular book.  In fact, a complete town of them.

All in all, I totally read Western-themed books now because of this author.  She is a wonderful writer and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.  I highly recommend trying out this book.  I really don't think you would find yourself disappointed with this choice.

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  1. I love westerns, too. :) *sigh* Great review. I need to clean my laptop screen though. I licked it. He is all kinds of yummy goodness. ;)


  2. Hahaha Marika, you tickle me. :) Yeah, his character is super rocking in the book too. You know, I just might re-read it tonight! I was looking for something to do! :)

  3. LOL Marika! I too, would read this book based on the cover alone. Major Kudos to the designer because I don't read western themed romances either. Great review, and after reading it, I would definitely put this on my to-read list.

  4. I love character driven novels. And I love novels that allow you to immersed in the story. I find nowadays novels are geared toward fast paced plots--get in, get out sort of stories. That's fine and all, but sometimes I like to savor a story like a glass of fine wine or a box of chocolates.

    Thanks for bringing this author to my attention.

  5. What a great review! I love character-driven novels and agree with Brenda whole-heartedly about the fast-paced plots of today.