Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hide your wenches and bury your riches..

..the copyright police is a-comin'!!

After a morning spent going over the terms of "fair use", I'm not entirely sure I want to post anything. Ever. 

Of course, my idea was to turn this into a review site. Being an avid reader and music listener, I often want to share my opinion of certain books and music.  However, in order to link a cover of a book or album, I would need the permission of the author or artist. That's a bit easier said than done in some cases. Somehow, I doubt Thom Yorke of Radiohead is going to reply to my request to use an album cover in a post with a - "Sure, Melissa.  You're so awesome. Go right ahead, old girl."

Don't get my wrong, I completely understand the the need for copyrighting. And in no way do I frown upon it. It's just a bit frustrating that things have been pushed to the extreme due to dishonest people. Unfortunately, the world seems to be full of those and they tend to make life harder for the ones of us trying to take the legitimate route.  

But don't worry your pretty little heads about it. I'm a clever girl, when the mood strikes. I'll take the simplest route first - contact the author for permission. So, word of warning to all you fancy author types out there, I'll be contacting you shortly! 

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